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Graduation 2017 - YSC Academy
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Graduation 2017

Graduation 2017

On Friday YSC Academy celebrated their biggest graduating class to date! The ceremony took place in the YSC Sports Complex, with family, friends, and classmates attending.  In addition, the entire Philadelphia Union team traveled from Chester to show their support for the seniors as they close out this important chapter of their lives.

Each of the students was given the opportunity to speak about what the school and Academy program has meant to them, many taking the time to thank their family, coaches, and teachers for their unwavering support over the years.  Their words had many in tears as they eloquently recounted their favorite memories in the classroom and on the pitch.

The Academy also hosted a smaller ceremony for two graduates whose travels with the U18 National team kept them from attending with their classmates.  Mark McKenzie and Matt Real graduated on June 2nd, and are now competing in Portugal in the Lisbon International Tournament. After the tournament concludes Matt will compete with the Bethlehem Steel, while all of the other students continue on to college; Mark’s college commitment, as well as those of the rest of the team, is listed below.

Although college will be the next academic challenge for most of the students, their athletic endeavors as members of the Union Academy aren’t over quite yet! They will travel this week to Indianapolis where they hope to bring home the 2017 US Soccer Development Academy Championship as their last act as members of the Academy.


  1. Omar Ayala — Duquesne University
  2. Freeman Dwamena — California Polytechnic State University
  3. Kalil ElMedkhar — University of Kentucky
  4. Frederick Gill — University of South Florida
  5. Evan Godfrey — Liberty University
  6. Brandon Golden — Fordham University
  7. Alex Hajj — Monmouth University
  8. Juan Infante — Gettysburg College
  9. Michael Kalpokas — Immaculata University
  10. Dawson McCartney — Dartmouth College
  11. Mark McKenzie — Wake Forest University
  12. Justin McMaster — Wake Forest University
  13. Josue Monge — University of South Florida
  14. Emmanuel Perez — California Polytechnic State University
  15. Matt Real — Signed with Bethlehem Steel
  16. Max Sakiewicz — University of Delaware
  17. Aaron Schwartz — Dartmouth College
  18. Jahmali Waite — Fairleigh Dickinson University
  19. RC Williams — University of Pennsylvania