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Our Campus

YSC Academy opened the doors to its current academic facilities in September 2013.


The School’s location directly adjacent to the YSC Sports soccer facility – where students engage in athletic training – makes the connection between students’ athletic and academic lives seamless. YSC Academy’s academic and athletic facilities are both state-of-the-art resources, making high-quality teaching and learning possible.

The school environment was designed with the modern workspace in mind. The space fosters idea generation, collaboration, and increased productivity – all with an eye toward preparing students for success in a technology-driven, twenty-first century. Most of the school’s floor plan is open-air, with break-out nooks and study pods creating a setting where students, teachers, coaches, and administrators can formally or informally congregate. The glass-windowed, conference-style classrooms, library, and study pods are flexible spaces that can be reconfigured to engage different kinds of learners and teaching methodologies (including technology-rich, blended learning; dynamic lectures; and intimate workshops, as well as individual and collaborative breakout sessions). Murals wrap around the Town Hall, reinforcing the qualities of high performance and depicting quotes and motifs from famous literary, political, and athletic figures. The most noticeable classroom in the school is an open-air structure that resembles the European soccer stadium, Allianz Arena. The “Generation Adidas” classroom houses an oval-shaped table for roundtable discussions. Upon entering this unique classroom setting, students are encouraged to recognize intellectual work as analogous to athletic performance.

Our training facilities at YSC Sports provide our student-athletes with a first-class, professional training environment that includes indoor and outdoor training fields as well as an outdoor competition field with a professional-grade, playing surface. The state-of-the-art Athletic Development Training room includes a full weight room, a spring-loaded gymnastics floor, cardiovascular training equipment and a wide range of other equipment that enables players to enhance their strength, speed, balance, agility, and flexibility.