Teaching Philosophy

Our progressive and rigorous, college-preparatory program promotes an ethos of inquiry, self-discovery, hard work and perseverance, which nurtures our student-athletes’ passions and facilitates reaching their full potential. Our academic focus is on developing critical-thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and conceptual knowledge. We aim to build intellectual confidence in our students, to inspire strong character, and to develop lifelong learners in an environment where they feel supported and able to take intellectual risks. Our students are challenged to strive to reach their goals, hold themselves to high expectations and continually question themselves and their world. We expect that each student will take full advantage of the educational opportunity at YSC Academy as well as contribute positively to our vibrant learning community.

We believe that knowledge and experience build wisdom. We value curiosity, motivation, and innovation in our young people, and encourage them to develop an inquiring mind and an intellect that considers all perspectives within the context of a global understanding. We want to inspire students to see the diversity of the world as its strength, and in the age of international connectedness, we believe our students need to know more than one culture, one history, and one language.

We believe that to achieve critical 21st-century skills an educational program should include an integration of virtual learning with face-to-face interactions. By combining online classes with in-class workshops, we have the best of both worlds and optimize learning opportunities for our student-athletes.