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The great majority of students in the school live within 40 miles. Students travel from Philadelphia and its suburbs, New Jersey, and Delaware. Campus is favorably situated at the hub of several highways and is accessible to families traveling from across the region.

Local families may take advantage of Pennsylvania School Bus Transportation. School districts within 10 road miles of YSC Academy must provide transportation to school. If you think this program may help you, contact Jackie Erixxon at 484-580-6715, and we’ll investigate it with you.

The school and Union Academy presently operate two van routes to central and south New Jersey. If one of these routes might be helpful to you, contact Jackie Erixxon at 484-580-6715.

The school is located near to the Strafford Train Station on Philadelphia’s Main Line.  Students traveling by public transportation can work with the school and soccer clubs to coordinate pickup and dropoff at the train station.

Student drivers of legal age who maintain licenses in good standing may drive to school. Cars and drivers must be registered with the school. Driving permission must be confirmed by parent signature. (Student drivers are not under any circumstances authorized to transport other students in their cars during school hours.)