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Tuition & Fees - YSC Academy
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Tuition & Fees

Affording YSC Academy

YSC Academy is committed to making enrollment possible to all qualified candidates. Admissions decisions are made without regard for financial aid requests or demonstrated need. Financial aid is awarded through a separate, subsequent process.

All applicants requiring financial assistance must submit a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) form to Schools and Student Services by NAIS, an independent processing center.

The school will consider a family’s ability to pay and the availability of funds following their admission. Prospective students should not accept an offer of an admission until school and family have agreed on an aid package.

YSC Academy maintains the confidentiality of families’ financial circumstances and the details of specific aid awards. We request that families also respect the sensitivity of personal finances and agree not to discuss the particulars of their awards with others.

Each year, families receiving aid must submit a new PFS. Financial assistance is evaluated each year based on continued demonstration of financial need and on the students’ academic and athletic progress and contributions to school culture. Current students receiving aid receive priority funding.

In some cases, students may receive named scholarship awards.  Recipients of these funds may be required to correspond with donors. Students are never required to disclose sensitive personal information.

82% of tuition dollars are covered by financial aid.

$23,620, average award for those receiving financial aid.


2017-2018 Academic Year Tuition

Tuition is inclusive of most fees, including the use of an Apple laptop, books, select school supplies, school trips, PSAT, and graduation. 

Families are responsible for fees associated with the administration standardized college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) and college applications. 

Tuition for all grades:        $28,500


Tuition Payment Plans

YSC Academy offers the following tuition payment plans:

–          Single Payment Plan: 100% of tuition due August 1.

–          Two Payment Plan: 60% of tuition due August 1, and 40% due January 1

–          Monthly Payment Plan: 10 monthly payments due the 1st of each month, August through May.  Customized dates may be arranged.

Questions regarding billing or payments should be directed to Jackie Erixxon at 484-580-6715.

Current YSC Academy student-athletes may pay tuition & fees online here.