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NCAA Guidelines - YSC Academy
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NCAA Guidelines

YSC Academy teachers and administrators work in concert with the NCAA to ensure that our coursework meets NCAA’s core course standards so that our students have every collegiate opportunity available to them. The NCAA has specific eligibility requirements for students interested in playing sports at the Division I or Division II level. These standards are not just academic in nature, but also pertain to maintaining a student’s amateurism. The NCAA considers a student’s grades in his classes starting in 9th grade, as well as his SAT score or ACT sum score, in order to determine his academic eligibility.


If you would like to see what core courses are available at YSC Academy, visit this page and enter our CEEB code (395095). There are 16 core course requirements for Division I and 14 for Division II* colleges and universities:


Course Division I Division II
English 4 years 3 years
Math (Algebra I or higher) 3 years 2 years
Natural/Physical Science
(1 year of lab if offered by high school)
2 years 2 years
Additional English, Math, or
Natural/Physical Science
1 year 2 years
Social Science 2 years 2 years
Additional Courses (from any area above,
foreign language, or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy)
4 years 3 years


From the time you first begin ninth grade, you have four years to complete your core course requirements. If you repeated a grade in high school, you must then complete all of your requirements by the end of your junior year. If you would like to learn more about academic redshirts (students who do not initially meet the eligibility requirements), please visit this page. For any concerns with regard to eligibility and coursework at YSC Academy, please contact Cabell King or Beverly Brooks.


If you would like to calculate what your NCAA core GPA is or plan what core courses you would like to take while enrolled at YSC Academy, please complete this sheet. The NCAA also publishes informational handbooks for student-athletes and their families to help guide you through this process.


*The eligibility requirements for Division II schools are changing for any students enrolling in college starting August 2018. For more information on the new standards, which affect our students beginning with the Class of 2018, please take note of this guide.