“Every day when I step on the field or into the classroom I will push myself to become the best I can be.”

This mentality is a guiding principal behind everything we do at YSC Academy. We strive to create a community for our student-athletes that promotes exploration, curiosity, and a relentless passion for learning. At YSC Academy we learn because we love to learn and because we want to.

YSC Academy would not exist without the passionate support of our wide ranging community of faculty, parents, advisors, friends, executive leadership, family, soccer patrons and brand partners — a community that stretches far & wide and manifests here on the YSC campus to ensure the success and longevity of this school and the advancement of its mission to produce the future leaders in and around American soccer.

Walk into YSC Academy and you immediately sense it’s like no other school.  The detailed design of learning spaces, community areas and the overall flow were conceived with the student-athlete in mind. The faculty and student-athletes interact with passion and energy, empathy and trust; like teammates. When YSC Academy opened its doors on September 3, 2013 to its first cohort of students-athletes, it launched a new era in U.S. soccer as  the first independent school to integrate an MLS-affiliated, world-renowned youth-soccer development program with an elite level college-preparatory education. At YSC Academy, we value the development of character and intellect as much as we strive to unlock optimal human performance in our student athletes.  Our culture and our environments set the standard in America today as we hope to serve and inspire others across the country to join our community, push us to even higher standards of excellence and innovation as we pursue mission, ever-iterating, to make soccer the number one sport for America. 

YSC Academy provides a special opportunity for motivated youth to pursue their dream of playing professional soccer while simultaneously igniting their enthusiasm for learning. Thought leaders in soccer from around the world constantly visit YSC to learn, teach and work out with our student-athletes. The vision YSC’s founding leadership combines the best of the European sports-academy model with an American commitment to higher education. At YSC, cultivating a passion for learning is as valued as realizing one’s potential as an elite athlete — and the two always go hand in hand. We realize that not all YSC student-athletes will win the “race to the first team” but we believe they will go on to raise the quality of the American game at all levels and, in doing so, YSC graduates will become significant leaders, accross all walks of life, who bring to bare a lifelong love for learning and true passion for soccer in everything they do.