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Guest Speakers Fall 2017 - YSC Academy
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Guest Speakers Fall 2017

Congressman Pat Meehan Visit YSC Academy

Guest Speakers Fall 2017

Former professional MLS payer and national team member Tony Meola made a visit to the Academy this quarter to learn more about our program. Meola is a legendary American goalkeeper, having competed at three World Cups, once as a captain, and won MLS accolades throughout his career including an MVP (the only goalkeeper ever to do so). He now is a radio host on SiriusXM FC, and works with U.S. Soccer as a youth national team coach and scout. He visited to develop a greater understanding of our program, but left the students with an impressive message. “Once I retired, what I began to miss the most was spending time with other players who were passionate about similar things as me,” Meola said. “Through this program you guys are able to have that feeling and have the opportunity everyday to grow together.”

The creator of the soccer apparel company Live Breathe Futbol, Ebun Olaloye, spoke to the students at the academy. Ebun Olaloye graduated from Temple University where he majored in architecture, but also a strong love for soccer. He decided to begin designing his own clothing brand that consisted of items you could play soccer in but still want to wear out on a daily basis. Live Breathe Futbol is based in Philadelphia and has recently launched its first exclusive club line with Sporting KC.

Congressman Pat Meehan, the representative for the district comprising YSC Academy, visited for a tour of YSC Academy, as well as to meet with the staff. Congressman Meehan complimented the school and left very impressed with what was being accomplished, noting that this was very different from his typical local visits and especially enjoyable because of it.