Maximize Your Academic & Athletic Potential

Our Mission

The mission of YSC Academy is to provide passionate student-athletes the opportunity to maximize their academic and athletic potential through innovative best practices in the classroom and on the field. Our community is based on an ethos of trust, hard work, and dedication to pursuing excellence. Our environment develops self-directed learners with a lifelong passion for learning.

YSC Academy has changed me. The people I have met, the relationships I have made, and the goals I have accomplished have changed me in more ways than I can begin writing. This academy is a school filled with boys, ranging from 13 to 19, who all share a similar passion for soccer. The school translates this passion to our academics. I wake up every day actually excited to go to school and learn something new. I wake up ready to have some laughs, work hard, try my best, and hopefully succeed in whatever I may be doing. I have been challenged, both academically and athletically, and from these challenges, I have grown as an athlete, a scholar, and a person.

Cameron Keys
YSC Academy
Class of 2015