Honor Code

Student-Athletes at YSC Academy Honor Code

In the fall of 2013, YSC Academy opened our doors. Our first group of scholar-athletes took it upon themselves to create our community standards; known as the Honor Code. These students made sure that our code of conduct reflected all that we are and all that we hope to become: a distinctive environment that develops character, nurtures elite athletic ability, and cultivates a passion for learning.

Honor Code, the values it embodies, and ways that the students can strive to live up to those values. The Honor Code is revised every 4 years and rewritten to preserve its integrity, give ownership to the current students, and keep it relevant.  In this way, the Code is a living document, with the words from our “founding” group of students taking on rich and contemporary meaning every year and informing the day-to-day lives of students at YSC Academy.