Tuition & Aid

Once the Director of Talent Identification and the Union Academy Director has conferred with the Head of School regarding talent level and academic potential, the family will be contacted by YSC with an application as well as a link to a financial aid form.  Families utilize Blackbaud Financial Aid Management to complete the application online.  Once the application is completed, the financial aid committee will review the submission to establish a family’s financial capacity to contribute and determine any financial scholarship award.  

It is our goal to enable student-athletes to attend our academy who could not do so without this award. We grant our financial aid awards based on demonstrated financial need as determined by the SSS form. We trust that, in partnership with us, our families are contributing as much as possible to enable their son(s) to attend school at YSC.

Fees include a Chromebook, books, standardized tests, school supplies, and substantial snacks. Families are asked to provide a daily lunch for their students, as well as a backpack and the requisite soccer gear for twice-daily training. This does not reflect residency or transportation if offered by the Union Academy; those should be discussed directly with the Union Academy.

2023-2024 Academic Year Tuition

Tuition is inclusive of most fees, including the use of a laptop, books, select school supplies, school trips, college entrance exams (PSAT, SAT/ACT), and graduation. 

Tuition Payment Plans

YSC Academy offers the following tuition payment plans:

  • Single Payment Plan: 100% of tuition due August 1.
  • Two Payment Plan: 60% of tuition due August 1, and 40% due January 1
  • Monthly Payment Plan: 10 monthly payments due the 1st of each month, August through May.  Customized dates may be arranged.