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Our Faculty - YSC Academy
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Our Faculty

Dr. Nooha Ahmed-Lee

Head of School

University of Washington
University of New York
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Jeremy Sullivan

Dean of Students
History Department Chair

Oberlin College
University of Maryland

Jim Pierce

Director of Educational Technology

Lycoming College
Drexel University

Beverly Brooks, M.S.Ed

Director of College & Career Counseling

Carl Abramowitz

English Department Chair

Harvard University

Kelly Shank

Math Teacher

Duquesne University

Yushaneen (Yasha) Simms

Science Teacher

Drexel University

Wilian Hernandez

Spanish Teacher

Temple University

Nick Kueny

English Teacher

Adam Barney

Science Teacher

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Drexel University

Huewayne Watson

History Teacher

Darren Burris

Math Teacher