Join Us… Change Lives

Our students receive a life-changing chance to pursue their passion for soccer and grow as a person. With your help, we provide them the opportunity to leverage their talent in soccer to receive a highly effective educational experience that prepares them for life beyond the pitch. The majority of our student-athletes would not have the opportunity to access and receive the exceptional private education and unparalleled soccer-training experience offered at YSC Academy without the financial support and generosity of donors like you.


I’m giving back to YSC Academy because this institution availed me opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. They were my support system during times of hardship, as well as some of my toughest motivators when I needed an extra push.

Mark McKenzie
YSC Academy Class of 2017
Philadelphia Union #4

I didn’t come from a wealthy family. The opportunities the YSC Academy has given me have allowed me to be the best student athlete and obtain a future of academics that, I or my family, could have never imagined. The school taught me the true meaning of brotherhood, as well as how to balance soccer and school simultaneously.Those definitely benefited me at Duke, but especially now as I play professionally while going to college-full time. I will always be thankful.

Issa Rayyan
YSC Academy Class of 2018
Philadelphia Union II #40

In my country, it is hard to get a good education. If your parents cannot pay for school you don’t get educated. Every day I work hard because I appreciate the education that is given to me. I will continue to strive toward my goals and never forget the opportunity I have before me.

Patrick Bohui
YSC Academy, Class of 2021