YSC Academy Advantage

YSC Academy Advantage is our proprietary, NCAA-approved, hybrid, online learning curriculum offered to individuals as well as other professional clubs and youth academies. YSC Academy Advantage can be custom-sized to fit the needs of an individual learner, a cohort, as well as an entire club’s needs.

YSC Academy Advantage harnesses the unique institutional knowledge of YSC Academy for developing and implementing educational environments for communities of high-achieving student-athletes. As interest and participation in hybrid education grows, YSC Academy’s institutional knowledge in establishing, designing, and operating Hubs of Learning allows for the creation of a community with students at the center of the hub. It enables the students to learn the YSC techniques of self-directed learning, guiding them to manage their learning through a combination of technology and face-to-face interaction with educators. 

For more information regarding YSC Academy Advantage for your child or your club contact Jared Micklos.

'Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.' Advantage students are being gently guided by a teacher while building the ultimate skill-set needed for self-directed and life-long learning. They work with their teacher to design their own schedules and goals then evaluate and adjust those schedules and goals as often as they need. They are in control of setting up regular times to meet with their teacher, as well as, communicating when they need more. Not only are they paying attention to their personal growth as students, but they are also working towards mastery because they are able to redo and rework assignments. Ultimately, they are figuring out that they have the tools to learn anything on their own. That being said, they are building a strong bond with a teacher that is flexible, available, and understanding of what is demanded of them outside of school. Since they have a lot of one on one time with their mentor, they are able to speak beyond school subjects and get to know each other which makes learning more comfortable and personal.

Susan Kroll, YSC Academy Advantage Instructor