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Individually Tailored for Excellence

We’ve put into practice a paradigm that extensive research has shown to be crucial to the advancement of education – placing the student rather than the teacher at the center of a dynamic learning process that emphasizes self-awareness and self-advocacy. By training our students to be the primary agents of their own learning, our approach prepares them for success in academic and professional environments that are increasingly defined by creativity, critical thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration, technological advancement, and innovation.

Our students have both “voice” and “choice” in their education. We believe students experience deeper learning in environments where they play an active role in shaping their education. Our program is designed to offer students an array of learning options from which they can choose, enabling them to explore the educational areas and levels most appropriate for their ability, needs and interests. We have found this approach increases their motivation, commitment and drive.

As students begin to understand how they learn, they are empowered to take risks and learn from their mistakes, which fosters confidence and encourages creativity, enabling students to gain deeper understanding in a variety of formal and informal educational environments.