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Students take a rigorous course load comprised of English, math, science, history, and electives. Our curriculum defines rigor as engaging students in the process of critical thinking and problem solving. Unlike some curricula that rush students through skills and content, ours requires students to dive deeply into content areas by posing meaningful questions and positing answers, engaging with others through collaboration, and utilizing analytical and creative skills to arrive at new solutions. When students are provided these learning opportunities and sufficient time to reflect, they engage in high-level cognition.

YSC Academy partners with students to develop a customized approach to learning utilizing an array of learning methodologies.  Students can choose among lectures, seminars, workshops, discussion groups, online learning, labs, and one-on-one meetings with teachers. Each student works in partnership with a mentor to design weekly, learning goals and plans. Through this process, students learn to reflect on their learning styles and needs, manage their time, and advocate for themselves – skills they will need for college, as a student-athlete, and for life as a citizen.