Together Everyone Achieves More

At YSC Academy, we see this proven true on a daily basis. The rigors of pushing hard every day, in every training session, in every drill, in every class, every project, can be exhausting. We have seen how important creating a positive, supportive atmosphere is for helping our students deal with the ups and downs of life, school and competition. We regularly find ways for students to help each other, because we have seen how regenerative it is for their psyches. When they turn around and help someone else, they feel validated, worthwhile, and effective. They feel part of something bigger than themselves; they feel part of a team.

At YSC Academy, we pride ourselves on creating a culture that values trust, hard work, and personal integrity. It requires a great deal of commitment and personal sacrifice on the part of our student-athletes to wake up every day with a commitment to build on their strengths and work on weaknesses. Our unique learning environment helps young soccer players transfer their passion and commitment from the pitch into every area of their lives.

I have little doubt that when I’m thirty I’ll look back at my two years at YSC Academy and say they had a profound impact on my life. Because that’s the truth. I have grown so much at YSC Academy. It’s a special place, very unique and it’s largely because of the less formal environment which helped me create bonds with my teachers and students that will last a lifetime. When I came into the school I was really young and immature. I feel like I’m coming out as a whole new person. This school is special, and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Myles Culley
YSC Academy
Class of 2022

It doesn’t matter how far you go in the game; it's who you become in the process of getting there.

Richie Graham
YSC Academy Founder