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How to Apply

In order to attend YSC Academy, a candidate must first be invited by the Union Academy.

Interested players of appropriate age (entering 8th to 12th grades) should have their club’s Director of Coaching, Head Coach, or Club President contact Philadelphia Union Academy at UnionAcademy@philadelphiaunion.com with the following information:

  • Player Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Position(s) played
  • Current Team
  • Player’s Address
  • Parent contact information

No parent should contact the YSC Academy for a trial.

We are thrilled that you are considering YSC Academy, a progressive, innovative community of passionate young men. We are eager to introduce you to the unique experience available to you here.


Whether you have been identified by one of our soccer recruiters, have grown up in one of our affiliated clubs, or have identified YSC Academy yourself as a potentially compelling opportunity to study and train, the admissions process to the school begins with the completion of the YSC Academy Admissions Inquiry Form. Submit the form by email to cking@yscacademy.com, or mail it to:

YSC Academy
983 Old Eagle School Road
Suite 605
Wayne, PA 19087

The completed inquiry form activates the admissions process.  When it is received, the school will reach out to you to arrange a school visit and an evaluation of your soccer performance. Following the visit and soccer evaluation, you may be invited to complete the Application for Admission.

If you require any assistance, please direct inquiries to Cabell King, Assistant Head of School, at 484-580-6715.

Athletic Trial

Every applicant must be assessed for his fit for the soccer program.  In some cases, representatives of the school and coaching staff may see the applicant play in a game; we may review video and speak with an applicant’s current coach; we may invite the applicant to participate in training onsite. If we have not already seen an applicant play before we receive the inquiry form, we will contact you to make arrangements.

On the academic side, we encourage applicants and their parents to visit the school to meet with members of the faculty and admissions committee. Students may be invited to shadow a current student for a day. During the visit, we may conduct academic assessments.


Candidates whose skill at soccer is a good fit for the program will be invited to complete an Application for Admission.

Applications must be filled out completely – including transcripts, teacher recommendations, and all essays – before a decision can be rendered.

Please submit materials by email to cking@yscacademy.com or mail them to Admissions at YSC Academy.

Financial Aid

Applicants requiring financial assistance must submit a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) form to Schools and Student Services by NAIS to determine financial need.  Visit Tuition and Fees for more information.

The school makes admissions decisions independent of financial aid decisions.  Those requiring financial aid should not accept an offer of admission before a financial aid package has been determined.



YSC Academy does not discriminate in admission policies or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, financial status, familial affiliation, or other identity, real or perceived, protected by law.