YSC Academy is one of the primary reasons why our program here at the Philadelphia Union is one of the most progressive and unique developmental environments—not only domestically but internationally. Our boys can align their sporting and academic goals and ambitions, creating a fantastic platform from which to grow. Our holistic approach to education has benefited the lives of so many student-athletes with bright futures on and off the field.

Jon Scheer
Director of Talent Identification
Philadelphia Union Academy

Through our partnership with the Philadelphia Union, we offer our students the most comprehensive soccer development program available to elite players in North America. YSC Academy’s soccer curriculum is designed and implemented by Philadelphia Union Academy staff to improve the speed and quality of technical skills and decision-making of all players. Each training session is individually tailored and carefully monitored to ensure the student-athlete is given the best possible environment to expedite and enhance personal development.

They are grouped into the following age cohorts for training purposes, and so the coaching staff can provide a progressive and structured pathway aimed at developing game understanding, as well as delivering the Philadelphia Union’s innovative playing philosophy.

  • Junior Academy (U9 – U12)
  • Mid Academy (U13 & U14)
  • Senior Academy (U15 – U17)
  • Union II (U19 – U21)

Our student-athletes start each day on the training pitch or in the Athletic Development Training room, working on the technical-skill elements of their game and/or their agility, coordination, balance, and power. Our morning training sessions dramatically increase the annual training units (hours) for each player. Typical elite youth soccer players in the US train between 2 and 3 units a week. In Europe, and other parts of the world, elite youth train between 8 and 10 units a week. Our morning sessions enable our players to match their global peer group in terms of total training units while providing them an opportunity to work on their technical skills by improving key fundamentals.

Beginning the school day with these morning training sessions also works to release dopamine, essentially waking up the brain and activating the learning centers, which we find enhances our students’ productivity in the classroom.

Representative Morning Training Schedule for U13 – U15/17

Mondays – CCG/ADT (ballet, yoga, flag football, rugby, gymnastics, basketball, kick-boxing workout)
Tuesdays – Rondos, technical work, small-sided games
Wednesdays – Futsal, Funino, 3v3/4v4 games, gym work
Thursdays – Rondos, technical work, small-sided games
FridaysAll Friday sessions are competition based.
14’s and under (AM training only): 6v6 – 8v8 games, finishing, soccer tennis, Tekk Ball
15’s (PM training only): same as above